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automated trading Nov 20, 2023

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This Black Friday, we're taking trading to new heights with the upcoming release of B4 CoPilot Pro. As part of our exclusive Black Friday Sale, we're offering a pathway to secure prerelease access to CoPilot Pro, ensuring you're at the forefront of trading innovation. Join us as we explore the advanced features of CoPilot Pro and unveil why this automated trading tool is a gamechanger for your trading journey.


Section 1: Why Upgrade to CoPilot Pro? Purchase the One-Time Package Now for Best Savings!

Discover the compelling reasons to upgrade to B4 CoPilot Pro:

 Advanced Features: Unlock a new level of sophistication in your trading strategies.

 FutureProof Your Investment: Prices will be adjusted for inflation with the introduction of new toolsets. Secure your spot now to avoid future price increases.

 Seamless Transition: Purchase now to ensure you won't miss out on the CoPilot Pro upgrade and upcoming program rearrangements.


Section 2: B4 CoPilot Pro Main Features:

Explore the powerful features that set B4 CoPilot Pro apart:

  •  Automatic Trend Detection: Identify market trends for precise trading strategies.
  •  AutoReverse Position Triggers: Automatically reverse positions when opposing signals occur.
  •  Trending Market vs. Ranging Market: Choose trending or ranging market settings for signal direction, or let CoPilot Pro automatically determine market conditions.
  •  Expanded Orderflow Signals: Benefit from approximately 10 new orderflow signals for enhanced auto execution and decisionmaking.
  •  Auto Execution on Existing Signals: Execute on existing signals, such as our beloved edge signals from CoPilot.
  •  Expanded Trend Direction Filter: Pick order flow strategy signals for trend direction as a filter.
  •  Advanced Filtering: Refine trading signals with three types of filters.
  •  Visual Backtesting: Enable visual backview of signal combinations for optimization.
  •  Breakeven and Close Position Buttons: Quickly move your stop loss to breakeven points to manage risk effectively. If you would like to close your trade, you can do so by pressing the Close button 
  •  Disable/Enable Short or Longs: You can enable / disable shorts and/or longs at any time. For example if the market is an uptrend you might want to disable shorts. That way the strategy will not takes shorts and will only take longs. In a downtrend you might want to disable the longs. In that case the strategy will only take shorts  NT8 Chart Trader: Integrated on chart trader for realtime adjustments and decisionmaking.
  •  Fully Customizable: You can fully customize the chart to your style of trading. Any color, font can be changed, any signal can be turned on/off and any setting can be adjusted.
  •  User Friendly Settings: This is seriously a time saver. How many times you go to the indicator settings to change a single thing and then need to wait before the chart has reloaded ? Not anymore.. with our live menu you can turn anything on/off and the chart will update in realtime !!
  •  Volume, Imbalance and Momentum Filter: This filter will  filter out any trades when the volume, imbalance and or momentum.
  •  Combine Multiple Footprint Patterns Together: This button determines when a trade should be opened. You can set it to the following options.

           1 Or More Signals

  •  The auto trader will open a new trade when one footprint signal fires

            At Lease X Signals

  •  The auto trader will open a new trade when at least X of the selected (footprint signals) fires a signal. This allows you to (for example) select 6 signals and open a trade when at least 6 of those fire a signal

           All Signals

  •  The auto trader will open a new trade when ALL footprint signals fire. 

           Occurs In At Last # Bars

  •  In this text box you can specify how many bars the auto trader will look back to find a signal.

            Min # Required Signals

  •  Specifies the minimum number of required signals needed when you select the 'At least x footprint signals' option.



Section 3: The B4 Advantage: Beyond Stacked Imbalances


At B4 Signals, we believe in setting a higher standard for trading tools, and B4 CoPilot Pro exemplifies that commitment. While some competitors rely solely on stacked imbalances, we go a step further by combining this powerful technique with comprehensive price action analysis. This dual approach provides a more holistic understanding of market dynamics, significantly enhancing the accuracy and success rate of our signals.


Our Competitors Disadvantage:

Our competitors may only scratch the surface with stacked imbalances, missing the nuanced interplay between price action and market structure. This limitation can lead to suboptimal trading decisions, leaving traders at a disadvantage.


Our Competitors Curve Fitting:

We understand that transparency is crucial in the trading world. Some competitors resort to curve fitting, adjusting results after the fact to showcase winning trades. This approach may create an illusion of success but lacks the authenticity of realtime, accurate signals. At B4 Signals, we prioritize integrity and provide you with genuine, unaltered insights.


Empowering You with Clarity:

Numerous traders have approached us after experiencing frustration with our competitors. They express difficulties in obtaining clear answers and genuine support when facing losses. At B4 Signals, we pride ourselves on transparency and accountability. Our dedicated support team is committed to ensuring you have the information and assistance you need to navigate the markets confidently.


Choose B4 Signals for a Clearer Path to Success:

If you've found yourself disheartened by vague responses and questionable practices, we invite you to experience the B4 difference. Our commitment to authenticity, coupled with the power of B4 CoPilot Pro, empowers you with a clear and informed trading journey.


Section 4: Tailored to Your Instrument: B4 CoPilot Default Settings and Community Insights

At B4 Signals, we understand that one size does not fit all in the dynamic world of trading. That's why we've gone the extra mile to provide you with default settings tailored to specific instruments, offering a standardized foundation to kickstart your trading journey. Our default settings, optimized for ES (Emini S&P 500), serve as a reliable baseline, ensuring you have a solid starting point for your strategies.


Why Default Settings Matter:

Our commitment to user-friendliness extends to our default settings, meticulously crafted to suit the unique characteristics of each instrument. While our default setting are optimized for ES, it provides a robust foundation for users to build upon and customize according to their preferences and market of choice. Settings for other instruments can be found posted by our users.


A Community of Insights:

What sets B4 Signals apart is our vibrant community. Within our VIP channels, users from diverse trading backgrounds share their backtested settings, providing a wealth of insights for fellow traders. This collaborative environment allows you to explore alternative configurations and discover settings that align with your individual trading style.


Your Trading, Your Way:

We empower you with flexibility. While our default settings offer a reliable starting point, the real strength lies in the ability to tailor B4 CoPilot  and soon B4 CoPilot Pro to your unique needs. Join the conversation in our VIP channels, tap into the collective wisdom of our community, and refine your settings to align perfectly with your trading objectives.



Don't miss the chance to upgrade your trading experience with B4 CoPilot Pro. Secure your prerelease access during our Black Friday Sale and gain exclusive entry to advanced features that will redefine your approach to the market. 


Happy Trading,

B4 Team


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