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Simplifying Orderflow

Are you tired of spending hours analyzing order flow charts to find the optimal trading opportunities? Do you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of traditional order flow analysis tools? If so, you might be interested in B4 CoPilot, a game-changing orderflow tool that simplifies the analysis process and helps you make more informed trading decisions.

B4 CoPilot minimizes the hard work of analyzing price action and market structure from your charts. Often traders get overwhelmed with chart analysis and they miss the optimal trade entries, or complicate their charts to the point where the price action is not visible anymore. B4 CoPilot simplifies trend direction with a visual representation in chart background colors, shows optimal trade entry points with arrows and price regions, and the best of it all, it can automatically execute trades with your predefined strategy options.

Besides the price action and market structure analysis, B4 CoPilot processes the time of sale data to determine when the majority of trades agree with the trade direction to determine the trade signals. Sensitivity of the parameters used can be customized, which in turn will effect the signals and price levels shown on your chart.

Trend Mode

With the new Trend Mode, you can automatically access a highly accurate confirmed combination of Technical Analysis and Orderflow.

Contrarian Mode

Unlike traditional trend-following strategies, which aim to capitalize on existing trends in the market, Contrarian Mode instead seeks out opportunities to go against the grain and profit from market pull backs, retracements or reversals.

Both Mode

The new Both mode combines the Trend Mode and The Contrarian Mode to allow you to take advantage of both of these highly accurate modes. 

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