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Unlock the Hidden Secrets of Ichimoku with Our Exclusive Add-On. Are you ready to elevate your trading game? Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional Ichimoku charts and say hello to B4 Ichimoku Shoyu.

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Uncover The Hidden Techniques

B4 Ichimoku Shoyu reveals secret Ichimoku techniques not shared by the original masters.

Predictive Insights: Shoyu Lines provide predictive insights like never before. These lines are a forecast of the Tenkin, Kijun, Senkou Span A, and Senkou Span B.

Gauge Trend: Direction Line and Quality Line offer additional insights into market direction and trend quality, aiding traders in making well-informed decisions.

Advanced Warning: Kiss Line serves as an early indicator, offering traders timely warnings about potential pullbacks and reversals, mitigating drawdown.

✔ Forecast Future: Plan for future Kijun Flat areas where price is likely to stop progressing and pullback.

Avoid Consolidation: Advanced Chikou helps traders avoid consolidation zones, improving trading focus on high-potential moves.

Momentum Confirmation: Open Space Signals offer confirmation of momentum breakouts, helping traders validate and capitalize on emerging market trends.

Price Targets: Price Theory is a cornerstone of risk management, as it provides traders with valuable insights into market dynamics, allowing them to assess potential risks and rewards more accurately. It is the only calculated value that gives a concrete value in the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.

Incorporating the secret Ichimoku components of B4 Ichimoku Shoyu into your trading strategy can unlock a hidden dimension of market analysis, leading to a more holistic and potentially more profitable trading experience.


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Additional Lines For Understanding Trend Phases And Simple Strategy

Stay steps ahead with Quality and Direction lines, a feature you won't find on most charts.

Determine the Head and Tail: In the Ichimoku principle, the cloud is often compared to a fish. Traders focus on the body of the fish, as it represents a stable and reliable source of gain. It's advisable to steer clear of the tail, which can be too volatile, and the head, which indicates consolidation, using the Quality Line as a guide.

Understand the Trend Phase: Discover the potential for success by analyzing the Quality Line's position relative to Senkou Span B. Stay ahead of the market curve and make informed trading decisions.

Simple Buy/Sell Strategy: Employ the D/C Cross strategy, which utilizes the Direction Line and Chikou, to identify optimal trading opportunities and maximize profits.

Quality Lines and Direction Lines provide traders with valuable insights, enhancing their ability to analyze market dynamics and make well-informed trading decisions.

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Adding Our Own Flavor To Spot Pullbacks And Reversals

B4 Ichimoku seamlessly incorporates our unique interpretation, Kiss Lines, into the original master's framework, providing traders with an early warning system to anticipate potential pullbacks and reversals.

Spot Pullbacks: Kiss Lines usually activate around pullback zones, helping to prevent drawdowns before entering trades.

Analyze the Trend with Kiss Lines: When Kiss Lines activate, anticipate a pullback to the Tenkan, then to the Kijun in the progression of a trend. A price breakthrough of the Kijun may hint at a trend change. It unfolds, when Kiss Lines activate, first watch for a pullback to the Tenkan, followed by a pullback to the Kijun, and if the price surpasses the Kijun, consider it a potential trend change.

Incorporating Kiss Lines into your trading toolkit can be a valuable strategy to anticipate market reversals and pullbacks. Harness their power to enhance your trading precision and stay ahead of market trends.

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Get Notified When Kijun Goes Flat

B4 Algo features a Flat Kijun signal that offers real-time market insights at a glance. When Kijun goes flat, the price typically stalls out and retraces for about 3 candles. This is a good time to take partial profits and wait until continuation for re-entry.

Key Indicator: Kijun Flat signal is a significant indicator in our trading strategy.

Stability Indicator: Indicates a period of stability or consolidation in the market.

Potential Breakout: Often precedes a potential breakout or trend change.

Trading Opportunity: Traders can use Kijun Flat as a signal to identify potential entry or exit points in the market.

Utilize Flat Kijun, allowing you to stay ahead of market movements and strategically position your trades for optimal results.

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Advanced Chikou

Unlock the trading secrets of the original masters with our Advanced Chikou strategy, designed to keep you out of consolidation zones and help you seize the most profitable opportunities. Allows traders to visualize the relationship between current and prior trends.

Precision Timing: Advanced Chikou ensures you enter trades at precisely the right moments, maximizing profit potential.

Candle Clarity: Enhance your trading decisions with candle color insights, providing a clear visual representation of market sentiment.

Consolidation Avoidance: Stay ahead of the curve by sidestepping consolidation zones, allowing you to focus on high-potential market movements.

Advanced Chikou, in tandem with monitoring previous price action, empowers you to navigate away from consolidation zones and concentrate on identifying high-potential trading opportunities, providing a comprehensive approach to enhancing your trading strategy with clarity and precision.

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Seizing Momentum Breakouts With Ichimoku Open Space Signals

Open Space Signals are a revolutionary trading signal that offers a clear and strategic view of market dynamics, providing traders with valuable insights and opportunities to capitalize on momentum-driven breakouts.

Momentum-Driven: Ichimoku Open Space Signals excel in identifying and capitalizing on momentum-driven breakouts.

Explosive Moves: Uncover opportunities for explosive price movements in the market.

Maximize Gains: Harness the power of momentum to maximize your trading gains.

Timely Alerts: Receive timely signals to take advantage of emerging market trends.

Open Space Signals excel in capturing momentum and providing trade confirmations, making them a valuable asset for traders seeking to ride market trends and ensure the accuracy of their trades.

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Ichimoku Price Theory

B4 Ichimoku Shoyu employs price theory to generate highly accurate approximations of price targets, which are instrumental in guiding traders' actions. These targets are used to anticipate where the market is likely headed during a particular wave or move, offering a roadmap for informed decision-making and precise execution of trading strategies.

Entry and Exit Points: Price targets act as crucial reference points for traders when deciding where to enter a trade and when to exit to maximize profits or minimize losses.

Risk to Reward Ratio: Traders can assess the potential risk-reward ratio by comparing the distance between the current market price and the anticipated target. This helps in making calculated decisions that align with their risk tolerance.

Stop-Loss Placement: Price targets are instrumental in setting effective stop-loss orders. Traders can place stop-loss levels strategically, taking into consideration the distance to the target, which aids in mitigating potential losses.

Take Profit Strategy: Utilizing price targets allows traders to define specific profit-taking levels, ensuring they secure gains when the market reaches the anticipated target.

Trend Confirmation: When price targets align with other technical indicators or confirm market trends, they provide added confidence to traders, reinforcing their conviction in the trade.

Dynamic Adjustments: As the market progresses, traders can adapt their strategies by reevaluating price targets in response to new information or changing market conditions.

Trade Management: Price targets facilitate effective trade management by providing a clear roadmap for monitoring the trade's progress and making necessary adjustments.

B4 Ichimoku Shoyu's price targets are a cornerstone of a trader's decision-making process, offering both direction and precision in navigating the complexities of the financial markets.

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